Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Hamas Should be Condemned for Endangering Gazan Civilians By Using Them as Human Shields in Contravention of International Law

It is important to understand that Hamas and other Arab/Muslim terrorist groups have a long tradition of violating international law (and basic human decency) by using civilians and civilian organizations as human shields:  

Hamas Is Known To Use Hospitals, Ambulances, Mosques, Churches And Schools As Shields For Its Military Activity

Kurdish writer Mehdi Majid Abdallah summarized the problem on December 4, 2015, and his words are still applicable today:

The Palestinian women and children who are killed in the Israeli army's defensive war against Hamas are not killed deliberately. They are collateral damage, for any war has innocent victims…Were it not for the reckless actions of Hamas, which constantly fires rockets into extensive parts of Israel [where] peaceful [people live], there would have been no innocent victims, because Israel's actions are directed against the terrorists…

If the Palestinians want to avoid being harmed by Israeli fire, they should prevent Hamas from using their homes, mosques and schools [as bases from which] to launch its terrorist rockets at Israel.
This reality does not fit the Left-wing anti-Israel narrative, and so this reality is far too-often ignored by The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and other media outlets that provide free propaganda for Hamas.

It must be emphasized that many of the people who claim to be most worried about Gazans are in fact the people who are causing Gazans the most harm by lying about Israel and defending Hamas, while Israel is the only party in the region that takes any concrete actions to protect Gazan civilians; information about Gazan infant mortality, life expectancy, and other key demographic indicators before, during, and after Israeli administration of Gaza is readily available and refutes the lie that Gaza is an "open air prison," so why do so many media outlets refuse to publish this information? Why do so many media outlets accept at face value any anti-Israel claims by Hamas, let alone claims that can be easily refuted? If Nazi Germany accused the United States of war crimes during World War II, would U.S. media outlets immediately publish those allegations as facts? Would members of the U.S. Congress credulously accept the lies spouted by U.S. enemies in the way that the self-proclaimed "Squad" credulously accepts Hamas' lies?

Left-wing media outlets spewing antisemitic and anti-Zionist propaganda are causing tremendous damage not only to Israel but also to Arabs, and that tremendous damage is being magnified by traitors in our own government who are endangering the lives of Americans and Israelis around the world--including the hostages being held now by Hamas--by giving aid and comfort to Hamas.

The Democratic Party should immediately censure the self-proclaimed "Squad" members who spread lies about Israel. We hear so much about Right-wing incitement (and it is true that Right-wing incitement should be condemned), but why are media outlets and the Democratic Party silent about Left-wing antisemitism and anti-Zionism that are making it unsafe to be a Jew in America? 

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and the other members of the self-proclaimed "Squad" are spreading modern day blood libels about Jews and Israel, and the time is long past for the Democratic Party to separate itself from their shameful antisemitic incitement. 

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