Monday, November 28, 2022

Survey of Hiring Managers Revealing Widespread Antisemitism is More Evidence that Jews Are Not Part of a White Power Structure

An oft-repeated narrative by self-proclaimed "progressives" is that Jews are not a persecuted minority but rather are participants in a white power structure that oppresses minorities. People who believe nonsense tend to not be persuaded by evidence; otherwise, the fact that one third of the Jewish population of the world was massacred less than 80 years ago while the United States and many other countries restricted Jewish immigration should be enough to demonstrate that the Jewish people are endangered, not empowered.

Some people may concede that point while arguing that in the past few decades Jews have somehow gained great power, but the evidence refutes that notion as well. The reality, as indicated in a survey of U.S. hiring managers, is that nearly one fourth of recruiters are less likely to move forward with Jewish applicants, and 17% stated that managers have told them to avoid hiring Jews. Self-proclaimed "progressives" often declare that the success achieved by individual Black people does not prove that racism does not exist; by the same token, the success achieved by individual Jewish people does not prove that antisemitism does not exist or that the Jewish people are collectively part of a white power structure that oppresses minorities.

As I noted in my article about Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, and the Disturbing Surge in Antisemitic Violence, the ADL reported 2717 antisemitic incidents in 2021, a 34 percent increase year over year and the highest number on record since the organization began tracking such incidents in 1979.

A group that is widely discriminated against in job hiring and that is widely targeted by violent attacks is not a group that is benefiting from "white privilege." 

Why does all of this matter? Self-proclaimed "progressives" who devote much time and energy to spewing antisemitism and to attacking Israel are not only harming Jews but they are doing nothing to help the oppressed people they so passionately claim that they want to help. A cynic would say that the self-proclaimed "progressives" know exactly what they are doing--but whether the self-proclaimed "progressives" are deluded or attempting to delude others, the tragic results (not just for Jews, but also for Black people and other oppressed minorities) are the same. White supremacists love Kyrie Irving, Kanye West, Louis Farrakhan, and other prominent antisemites, providing further evidence that antisemitism is indeed the "socialism of fools."

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