Sunday, November 27, 2022

Iran Not Only Poses an Existential Threat to World Jewry, but a Serious Threat to Western Democracy

Contrary to a popular "progressive" narrative, it is not "Islamophobic" to accurately report the words and deeds of Muslim people who spew hatred and promote violence--and it is a fact that for decades Iran has been fomenting a jihad (holy war) that begins with killing all Jews. In London, young children at the Islamic Republic of Iran School (IRIS) in London sing songs about killing every Jew in the world:

Kasra Aarabi, the head of the Iran Programme at the Tony Blair Institute, a global think tank that aims to "help political leaders build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in an increasingly interconnected world," told The JC that the "cult" of the Mahdi doctrine is being used by the mullahcracy to radicalize Shiite Muslims--and is a great danger specifically to Jews.

"It is antisemitic to its core," he said, "because it holds that before the Mahdi can return, Israel must be destroyed and all the world’s Jews put to death."

In today's modern world, this means the use of armed forces, ballistic missiles, and nuclear weapons as well, if Iran succeeds in its nuclear program, he said.

"The rise of the military doctrine of Mahdi-ism is the biggest single threat to the world's Jewish communities and Israel's existence," he added.

The children also vow allegiance to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, who has often publicly stated his desire and promise to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Iran's core jihad ideology opposes the freedoms that Western democracy upholds, and is a threat to world peace. If you are not sure about that, just consider the fatwa (death edict) placed on Salman Rushdie's head by the Iranian regime in 1989 that culminated in a vicious attack that cost Rushdie the sight in one eye and the use of one hand. The version of Islam practiced and promoted by Iran has no room for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and all of the other freedoms and rights that characterize Western democracy. Therefore, it is very important that the United States takes an active role combating the evil and mayhem promoted by Iran. Unfortunately, President Obama's Iran policy was dangerous, disastrous, and ineffective, emboldening Iran to sponsor terrorism and develop nuclear weapons. President Trump, despite his many documented and obvious flaws, had the right approach regarding Iran: containment and isolation. President Biden's Iran policy is no better than President Obama's Iran policy.

The United States' ineffectiveness vis a vis Iran can be traced in no small part to members of government who actively support Iran's ideology and violent actions. For example, the Democratic Party has proven unwilling to discipline members of the so-called "Squad" who are openly antisemitic. Hopefully, now that the Republicans control the House of Representatives they will remove Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from all of their committee assignments. America's ability to combat antisemitism domestically and internationally is severely compromised when the U.S. government includes people who promote hate-filled, anti-democratic ideologies. The notion that the "Squad" is progressive distorts language in the way that Orwell's 1984 presciently depicted language being distorted in a totalitarian state. People like Omar and Tlaib who support Iran and Hamas epitomize being regressive and bigoted, not progressive and enlightened.

Iran poses a serious threat to Western democracy and an existential threat to Israel. The most important task for newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the same that it was when he previously served as Israel's Prime Minister: preventing Iran from using a nuclear weapon to cripple or destroy the Jewish State. More broadly, he must act to protect the safety of Jewish people around the world from Iranian-sponsored terrorism, which has targeted victims around the world.

I will reiterate and emphasize the warning that I issued a decade ago: "Let no one who fails to act now dare to offer poignant eulogies after an Iranian-created mushroom cloud floats over the charred remains of a major American city or over a large portion of the tiny state of Israel!"

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