Monday, April 11, 2022

Arab/Islamic Terrorists Torch Joseph's Tomb, A Jewish Holy Site That They Have Repeatedly Targeted

One of the cherished traditions of Arab/Islamic terrorists is to damage--and sometime destroy--Jewish holy sites in Israel. This is done not only to terrorize Jews individually and collectively, but also to wipe out the historical evidence that Israel is, in fact, the ancient Jewish national homeland. Joseph's Tomb in Shechem--the mainstream media often calls this city Nablus--has repeatedly been the target of Arab/Islamic terrorists

After an Arab/Islamic terrorist attack in October 2000 that not only damaged the site but culminated in the killing of an Israeli soldier, the Israeli government shamefully evacuated the area; imagine for a moment that terrorists desecrated the Statue of Liberty, killed an American soldier in the process, and America responded by ceding control of the Statue of Liberty to the terrorists! That is an apt analogy, though it should be noted that Joseph's Tomb has been a Jewish holy site for millennia, while the Statute of Liberty is less than 150 years old.

Arab/Islamic terrorists just targeted Joseph's Tomb again, torching the site a week before Passover begins. Will Israel have the necessary self-respect and courage to reclaim control of the site, rebuild it, and take whatever steps are necessary to prevent terrorists from ever attacking it again? Will self-proclaimed "progressives" who regularly speak out about a host of real and imagined injustices have anything to say about the latest Arab/Islamic terrorist outrage? 

If you are a student of history, you know the sad answers to both questions.

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