Tuesday, October 17, 2023

"Those Bodies Are Talking to Us in the Middle of the Night"

This video should be played on a 24 hour loop on every news channel:

THIS is the humanitarian crisis. THIS is the face of the atrocities committed by Hamas, and the humane way that Israel responds. ZAKA is an Israeli organization that specializes in search and rescue plus honoring of the dead. ZAKA is an acronym for the Hebrew words "Identification, Extraction, and Rescue--True Kindness." ZAKA handles crises worldwide but their focus is on Israel. They saved some of the victims of Hamas' attack against Israel, and they provided respectful care for the dead, including Hamas terrorists. 

In this video, ZAKA's Yossi Landau describes just some of what he and his co-workers saw, including a house in which the parents and the children were tied up on opposite sides of the room so that the Hamas terrorists could sit and eat the holiday meal prepared by the parents while watching the parents and children react to everyone in the family being tortured before being murdered. Unable to hold back tears, Landau declared, "These bodies are talking to us in the middle of the night."

The same kind of vile, evil cowards who committed these atrocities are now hiding in residential areas in Gaza. They have no interest in building a Palestinian Arab state in Gaza or anywhere else; they bring disgrace upon themselves, and their fervent hope is for both Arabs and Jews to die in this war that they started and which is 100% their responsibility. Arab civilian deaths are propaganda tools for Hamas, and Hamas' only goal is to destroy the Jewish people.

It cannot be emphasized enough: Hamas is responsible for everything that is happening now. Hamas is the governing authority in Gaza, and Hamas decided to invade Israel with the express purpose of torture, rape, and murder. 

Let's also remember that all of this mayhem is being paid for by Iran and Qatar. After Israel deals with Hamas--and also Hezbollah, which may be even more dangerous than Hamas--there must be a reckoning with Iran and Qatar.

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