Friday, October 13, 2023

Israeli President Isaac Herzog Shuts Down Typically Stupid Question From the Media

Media members are struggling to grasp the concept that after a terrorist group invades a country, rapes their women, massacres their children and elderly, and takes an unknown number of hostages that country is going to have a military response designed to prevent the perpetrators from ever again committing such an atrocity. Media members have often struggled to understand why Israeli Jews won't just consent to being murdered without fighting back. The world loves dead Jews. Jews who fight back? Not so much.

By not dying quietly without fighting back, Israeli Jews have deeply offended the media, the "Squad," Black Lives Matter, and various Leftist college student organizations, among others.

Matt Frei from UK Channel 4 asked Israeli President Isaac Herzog if Israel is holding ordinary Gazans--this would be the same Gazans who danced in the streets to celebrate the 9/11 attacks and who dance in the streets every time a Jew is killed--responsible for not removing Hamas from power. Herzog gave a perfect response: "With all due respect, if you have a missile in your goddamn kitchen, and you want to shoot it at me, am I allowed to defend myself? That's the situation. These missiles are there. These missiles are launched, the button is pressed, the missile comes up from a kitchen onto my children."

As RAF Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Arthur Harris declared during World War II, "The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They have sown the wind, and so they shall reap the whirlwind."  

Writer Shmuel Katz once told the story about a British officer who could not understand why Jewish people in the Land of Israel (before the founding of the modern State of Israel) fought back when Arabs attacked them: "But you Jews are accustomed," the officer said, and then he stopped himself in mid-sentence. What he meant to say was, "You Jews are accustomed to being killed without fighting back."

That is what the world expects from Jews. It is an expectation that denies Jews full status as human beings, and that denies Israel full status among the nations of the world.

No country other than Israel has to justify its right to exist--not her right to this border or that border, but her very right to exist. 

Is anyone questioning Ukraine's right to exist or how Ukraine is fighting against Russian invaders?

Of course, Israel is different than Ukraine. Israel is a Jewish State. Back in the good old days, non-Jews could just rampage into Jewish communities without worrying about any kind of military response. As long as Israel exists, the good old days are over.

Russia. China. Iran. North Korea. Syria. Cuba. It does not matter what atrocities are committed by those countries. No one would question their right to exist.

Only Israel gets such special treatment--Israel, the only fully functioning modern democratic state in the vast expanse from Morocco to Pakistan. 

All of the Jew-haters who are marching on college campuses chanting anti-Israel slogans and complaining about what is happening in Gaza should direct their energies toward protesting Hamas' refusal to build a functioning modern country in Gaza despite being given billions of dollars over the past 18 years. Hamas spent 18 years practicing how to kill babies, rape women, and terrorize unarmed civilians. The Left-dominated media has little to nothing negative to say about Iran and Hamas, but Israel doing the world a huge favor by belatedly dealing with Hamas is somehow very concerning?

Tell me you want every Jew in the world to die without telling me you want every Jew in the world to die; that is what I think as I watch the world's reaction to the atrocities Hamas committed. I am heartened by positive reactions that I have seen, but the negative and the hateful seem to outweigh the positive.

Hamas is a terrorist organization committed to not only destroying Israel but killing Jews anywhere, and Hamas is holding an unknown number of hostages in Gaza. It has been reported that Israel has warned Gaza's citizens to evacuate northern Gaza, presumably so that Israel's military can dismantle Hamas and rescue the hostages. If Hamas gave a damn about human life--Arabs or Jews--then Hamas would immediately release the hostages and Hamas would unconditionally surrender. Israel gave Gaza's citizens more of a warning than Hamas gave Israel. 

If Hamas chooses to fight to the death against Israel after attacking Israel then whatever carnage ensues is Hamas' responsibility. That is not how the media will report it, but that--to borrow Herzog's raw language--is the goddamn truth.


  1. Hopefully Israel is actually getting tough now. It's sad for any casualty, but agree it's very perplexing the double standard vs Israel that they shouldn't be able to fight back. You made several good analogies at how absurd Israel is viewed by many during this war. And good point saying Hamas would surrender if they're so worried about their citizens. They started the war, what do they expect? Israel should have the upper hand immensely if they invade even in enemy territory, but time will tell. Not sure if it's a good military tactic to give Hamas a notice, but Israel is trying to limit civilian casualties which is very noble. But, the media, the U.N., whoever will still blast them regardless. Also, the world is watching and if Israel is soft or too soft, there will be more peoples coming after them in the future.

  2. Anonymous:

    I hope that Israel is getting tough enough to survive in a very hostile region, but Israel has had multiple wars versus Hamas in Gaza that ended short of total victory. That was foolish then, and it is unacceptable now.


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