Wednesday, January 4, 2023

When Will Self-Proclaimed "Progressives" Speak Out Against the Discrimination and Violence Women Endure in Islamic Countries?

Self-proclaimed "progressives" are very outspoken regarding how much they abhor Israel, but they are very quiet regarding the horrific policies of other Middle East nations--policies that one would assume would outrage a progressive (or any decent person).

For example, the marriage of underage girls is a standard feature of Islamic culture. As Burak Bekdil aptly put it, "There are civilized and medieval worlds in the 21st century--and there are medieval leaders dressed in suits and ties who pretend to belong to the civilized world." Bekdil worked as a journalist in Turkey for 29 years, until he was fired for daring to write the truth about what is happening inside Turkey.

Decades ago, Turkey was a secular country. Women won the right to vote in national Turkish elections in 1934, 10 years before French women won that right. Bekdil explains that under Islamic rule Turkey has regressed:

Today, in Turkey, the driving force is political Islam. On November 25, protestors gathered in several provinces to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. They were met with a heavy police presence and violent crackdown. Several women were detained in the protests, including 20 journalists. "We are not allowed to leave the [police] blockade," journalist Sultan Eylem KeleĊŸ wrote in a tweet.

Self-proclaimed "progressives" claim to be very concerned about women's rights, about police brutality, and about fascist tendencies in politics. Why do we not hear the "Squad" speaking out about Turkey? Why do we not hear the "Squad" speaking out about Iranian repression, or repression in Syria, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority, and other Islamic regimes? Why do we not hear the "Squad"--who claim to be so concerned about Muslim rights--speaking out about China's genocide of the Uyghurs?

Why is the "Squad" obsessively focused on repeatedly issuing public denunciations of Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East?

Any honest and aware person knows the answer: self-proclaimed "progressives" are not interested in human rights; they are interested in pushing forward an agenda that includes a toxic mixture of antisemitism, socialism/Marxism, and opposition to the core values that are essential for America's survival, including the rule of law, separation of powers, the existence of objective truth (as opposed to each person's "truth"), and the distinction between equal rights (to which we are all entitled) versus equal outcomes (which is not only unjust but also impossible to attain). 

If you are not Jewish, you may think that the blatant antisemitism and anti-Zionism of the "Squad" is not relevant to you--but antisemitism and anti-Zionism not only harms Jews and Israelis: by taking the focus off of actual oppression, the "Squad" and other self-proclaimed "progressives" enable the truly repressive regimes to continue to restrict freedom and cause harm on a massive scale.

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