Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Palestinian Authority Destroys Historical Sites That Provide Evidence of the Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel

The Jewish people have had a documented and continuous presence in the Land of Israel for over 3000 years. As Ryan Bellerose eloquently explains, the Jewish people are the indigenous people of the Land Israel

Even the most novice researcher looking into falsehoods perpetrated by Palestinian leaders would quickly find other blatant lies aimed at delegitimizing the history of the Jewish people, like the time Yasser Arafat told Bill Clinton there was never a Jewish temple in Jerusalem, or the time Ekrima Sabri, former Jerusalem mufti and chairman of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem, said, "After 25 years of digging, archaeologists are unanimous that not a single stone has been found related to Jerusalem’s alleged Jewish history."

These are the proponents of the false narrative attempting to rebuke the indigenous status of the Jewish people in the land of Israel.

I got involved in this struggle because I was seeing nonindigenous people make arguments that are detrimental to actual indigenous people, arguments that attempt to rewrite our history. The idea that "Palestinian Arab" conquerors could become indigenous through conquering the Jewish people, even though the term "Palestinian" was only used in reference to Jews before 1948, is anathema. While Arabs claim to be related to the descendants of Israel through blood, it’s just another way to say that they acted like all conquerors, raping and pillaging and then settling and subsuming the locals. Native North Americans especially understand that simply conquering indigenous people does not grant one indigenous status.

The archaeological evidence in the Land of Israel confirms the deep, historical Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, which is precisely why the Palestinian Authority and other Arab organizations make so many efforts to literally pave over that evidence. The most recent example of Arab destruction of Jewish historical landmarks can be found in PA destroys Hasmonean fortress, declares area "Palestinian national archaeological park."

Why should non-Jewish people care about the destruction of Jewish landmarks in the Land of Israel? Aside from the fact that cultural genocide is abhorrent and is supposedly opposed by self-proclaimed "progressives," destruction of history inevitably leads to destruction of lives. I recall when the Taliban destroyed Buddha statues in Afghanistan and the world reacted with indifference--until the 9/11 attacks made it clear that the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies have global ambitions and are not content to "merely" commit cultural genocide on a regional basis. The Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan in the wake of America's timid and disorganized retreat is an important defeat for Western civilization and a milestone victory for Islamic extremism.

George Orwell famously and memorably warned about the danger of history disappearing "down the memory hole." If we sit by silently and let the Palestinian Authority erase the Jewish people from the history of the Land of Israel, more than just the Jewish people will suffer, because the Arab and Islamic terrorists are not content to just kill every Jew in Israel. There is a reason that they refer to Israel as "The Little Satan" and the United States as "The Great Satan." Arab and Islamic terrorism poses a global threat to Western civilization, so this is about a lot more than just a regional conflict between Jews and Arabs/Muslims. The sooner that the West understands this, the better. Hopefully that understanding will come before there is another 9/11-style attack.

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