Thursday, March 31, 2022

Hypocritical Antisemites Crawl Out of the Woodwork in the Wake of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, But Are Silent About Arab Terrorism Against Jews

Israel is a tiny country located over 1000 miles away from Russia and Ukraine. According to various politicians and media outlets, Israel also should be blamed for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. There is a word for such malignant foolishness: antisemitism

Antisemitic charlatans, fools, and hypocrites are making their voices heard loud and clear: whatever happens or does not happen in Ukraine must be blamed on Israel:

Despite Israel delivering 230 tons of humanitarian aid, including bulletproof ambulances, setting up a field hospital and taking in thousands of refugees, the pressure campaign insists that it isn't doing enough. And that the war not only involves Israel, but that the outcome depends on it.

There's notably much less interest in India, a country of 1.3 billion, which buys Russian oil, has close ties to Russia and refused to condemn the invasion, than in Israel, a country of 6.5 million, which doesn't buy Russian oil and did vote to condemn the invasion at the United Nations.

No matter what the position on the war is, the consensus is that Israel is doing the wrong thing.

The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, a Soros-Koch project that attacks America for being too tough on China, Iran and Russia, demanded to know, "Why is Israel MIA on Ukraine-Russia crisis?" The outrage at Israel for not being involved enough in the Ukraine crisis is being directed by the same leftist-libertarian group that is warning against America getting involved with articles like, "Washington Should Think Twice Before Launching a New Cold War."

The Catch 22 hypocrisy is as obvious as the hate. If Israel is involved in a war, it's evil, but if it's not involved in a war, it's also evil. Whatever Israel does or doesn't do is an outrage.

The hatred of Israel never had anything to do with the so-called "Palestinians," the Arabs, Muslims, or anyone in the Middle East. That's why the same political interests are capable of taking a war in Ukraine thousands of miles away and making it all about the Jewish state.

The Ukraine war has trotted out the familiar toolbox of tropes, with the insistence that Israel somehow has the ability to resolve a war it didn't start, even as Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett scrambles around on the impossible mission of bringing peace to people who don't want it...

"Ukraine War Ignites Israeli Debate Over Purpose of a Jewish State," the New York Times argued, complaining that Israel hadn't taken in enough refugees after it took in 15,000.

Compare that to France, which took in 26,000 Ukrainian refugees despite being 10 times the size of Israel. But France, like India, isn't full of Jews. And so there's no contention that France, which proportionally took in far fewer refugees than Israel, should just stop existing.

(The number of Ukrainian refugees taken in by the New York Times is estimated at zero.)

The magical ability to make any war anywhere about Israel with the same set of familiar anti-Zionist tropes shows that these arguments were never contextual responses to regional conflicts, but a general opposition to the existence of Israel regardless of anything else.

Whatever war is going on wherever, it's Israel’s fault and evidence that it shouldn't exist.

The media's attempts to link Israel to the war in Ukraine are often so tenuous as to take on their own form of surreal absurdity.

NPR found it vitally important to write an entire story based around the fact that there was a bar named the Putin Pub in Jerusalem (it's since been renamed). When a media outlet is this desperate to negatively connect Israel to the Ukraine war, the agenda is clear...

This exciting new hatred of Israel is not about Ukraine, any more than the old variety was about the "Palestinians." Hating Israel is in the end always about one thing and one thing alone.

Hating Jews.

Meanwhile, the allegedly peace-loving Palestinian Arabs who are so beloved by Amnesty International and self-proclaimed "progressives" publicly celebrate terrorists who kill Jews, and pledge to burn down Tel Aviv (click on this link to see a disgusting video that is reminiscent of how the Palestinian Arabs cheered after the 9/11 attacks, and of how they cheered Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, useful reminders that Palestinian Arabs have a long history of supporting evil while also claiming to be innocent victims). It is baffling that any American citizen--let alone any American political leader charged with the responsibility of protecting our interests and keeping us safe--would in any way support Palestinian Arabs, let alone support sending money to Palestinian Arab organizations.

If Israel disappeared from the face of the Earth, the Palestinian Arabs would still be living under the oppression of the Palestinian Authority, the Middle East would still be plagued by war, civil war, backward economies, racism, and sexism, China would still be oppressing its citizens while planning to conquer neighboring countries, and Russia would still be trying to conquer and/or destroy Ukraine. Remember this every time a self-proclaimed "progressive" starts bleating about BDS and every time a right wing antisemite bleats "They will not replace us" while blaming Jews and Israel for every real and imagined problem under the sun.

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