Wednesday, February 23, 2022


I wrote this experimental free verse in November 1988. If you are confused, just start from the lower left corner, read up like you are climbing a stairwell, then go to the bottom of the next column and read up again. Steps taken out of order do not make sense, but if you take the steps in order and focus then you will reach the top--and begin looking for the next stairwell!



                         opportunist          you                you                 you         goal;        next

                      patient                 and                 If                where    ultimate     the

                     a                         step                can.          watch      the          for

                   be                     each              you             up,          on         look

                must               savor              as          yourself   focus     top

              one                haste;            it           Pick        to          the

          life              without        from      falter:    forget   reach

        in               but             much      not      never     you

   succeed   steadily    as            do         but       when

 To       Climb     Learn   Stumble   Step--  And    Stairwell.




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