Wednesday, February 9, 2022

AOC: Capitalism is "not a redeemable system"

U.S. Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is honest about at least one thing: she came to Congress to destroy capitalism, not reform it. In a recent interview, she repeated a sentiment that she has stated before in a variety of ways and via multiple media platforms: capitalism is "not a redeemable system" and therefore must be replaced by a system in which the government exerts significant control over the economy.

For a brief, unfortunate period a couple years ago, I wasted too much time trying to educate someone who insisted that "democratic socialists" are different from the Marxists and/or socialists who destroyed lives in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, Venezuela--and every other country where Marxists and/or socialists gained power. He insisted that "democratic socialists" just want to improve our lives and create a more equitable and just society. Of course, that is nonsense, and anyone who utters such nonsense is either misinformed or is attempting to misinform others. 

Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow travelers are generally very honest about their ultimate goals. The question thus is not what they are trying to do, but what the rest of us are going to do about it. Will the Democratic Party cease to exist and just become a de facto socialist party? Will people who are not Democrats recognize the dangers inherent in socialism and do everything possible to make sure that our country does not become socialist?

There is an option available for American socialists that they are oddly disinclined to pursue: move to a country that is already practicing socialism, and try out their wonderful ideas there. I am sure that the Chinese government would be happy to hear AOC's long list of grievances and suggestions, so it would no doubt be great for her, America, and China if she relocated to a country that already has a socialist infrastructure in place. Such a country is without a doubt more equipped to enact her proposed reforms than America. If AOC and her fellow socialists take their "progressive" ideas overseas, we would then just have to figure out how to struggle along without the benefit of her amazing insights. Somehow, I suspect that we can manage to accomplish that task.

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