Friday, August 2, 2013

Appeasement Failed to Stop the Original Nazis and it Will not Work Against Their Modern Heirs

I already offered my take on Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to release convicted terrorist murderers. Sarah Honig of the Jerusalem Post compares Netanyahu to a bad poker player and she asks, "Who's The Sucker?" Here is an excerpt from her incisive analysis about the far-reaching implications of Israel's bad policy decisions and failure to combat widely disseminated falsehoods:

It's staggering stupidity to appear to own up, even if indirectly, to the rampant slander that has today replaced the medieval calumny of deicide.

By repeatedly conceding the basic assumptions against us, we aggravate our own distress and inevitably succumb to the inimical international axiom that we’re in the wrong and that those who would annihilate us are desperate insurgents against injustice.

Any means to which they resort are thereby legitimized and terrorism against Israel isn't entirely cast out of moral bounds. Our accommodating pragmatism effectively removes Israelis, even Jews, from what the world's anti-terror warriors define as terrorism. Insidiously, terrorism becomes the indiscriminate targeting of non-Jews.

We'd therefore do better to go back to basics, proclaim loud and clear that we are in our historical homeland by right; that we were attacked; that the Arabs only conjured Palestinian nationality in order to stake rival claims; that a Palestinian state never existed (i.e. we certainly didn't conquer and subjugate it); that we didn't drive out hapless refugees (who themselves launched the war); that they caused their own downfall by plotting genocide and ethnic cleansing against us; that our only sin is surviving. We can even remind the world of the Nazi legacy of "Palestinian hero" Haj Amin al-Husseini...

Poker, or what Obama/Kerry market as negotiations, can be a form of psychological warfare, a fact which behooves Netanyahu to remember that old casino adage: If you're playing poker and look around the table to see who the sucker is, it's doubtless you.   

Haj Amin al-Husseini, who is widely viewed as a heroic figure in the Arab/Islamic world today, was a Nazi collaborator who met with Adolf Hitler and who recruited 20,000 Muslims to serve in Hitler's infamous Waffen SS. The deep ideological connections between Nazis and Islamic extremists extend back several decades but are largely ignored in mainstream media depictions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Egypt and Syria are among the nations that gave sanctuary to Nazi war criminals after the fall of Hitler's Third Reich; Syria sheltered Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann's second in command, and he helped the Syrians form their secret police force.

Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy toward the original Nazis had a disastrous outcome and Netanyahu's appeasement policy toward the Nazis' heirs will similarly end very badly.

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