Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Wrinkle in Demjanjuk Case

There is significant, powerful evidence that John Demjanjuk served as an SS guard who participated in the Nazi genocide against the Jewish people during World War II; I called out Esquire's Scott Raab for ignoring that evidence but Esquire did not publish my letter to the editor. Now it seems that Demjanjuk was not only a cog in the Nazi Death Camp Machine--which is bad enough and should be punishable by execution--but that he also murdered a Jewish Holocaust survivor in cold blood while both men worked for the U.S. army motor pool in post-war Germany.

In his article Raab identifies himself as a Jew, as if his heritage justifies/excuses his sloppy research and tendentious writing. Raab and Esquire must be so proud that they have provided aid and comfort to Demjanjuk while also disregarding my refutation of their irresponsible "journalism."

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