Monday, February 13, 2023

Media Outlets Provide Biased, Distorted Coverage of Arab Terrorist Attacks Against Jews

Antisemitic media bias in the form of slanted coverage of terrorist attacks in which Arabs murder Jews because they are Jews is not new, but it is shameful--and as long as it persists those of us who value truth must be vigilant in speaking out forcefully against it. Antisemitic media bias targeting Israel is part of a larger problem that I have discussed in many articles, including Distorting the Truth to Serve a Supposedly Greater Good Destroys the Credibility of Journalists, and Threatens the Future of Democracy

Some of the most recent examples of antisemitic media bias targeting Israel are mentioned in SHAME ON YOU! Media Distorts Palestinian’s Murder of Israeli Children:

This week, a Palestinian terrorist named Hussein Qaraqa murdered three innocent Israeli civilians. The victims were two brothers, Asher Menachem and Yaakov Yisrael Paley, and 20-year-old Asher Shlomo Lederman. Qaraqa smashed his car into a crowd of people at a bus stop in Jerusalem a few hours before the Sabbath.

Six-year-old Yaakov Yisrael died on Friday, and his 8-year-old brother Asher Menachem succumbed on Sunday to the injuries Qaraqa inflicted on him...

The AP's headline revealed the direction the coverage takes: "Palestinian man, Israeli child die as bloodshed rises."

The AP describes Qaraqa murdering children in the passive voice, portraying the killings as something that happened to the victims, not something Qaraqa did.

Specifically, the AP states: "Asher Menahem Paley, 8, died a day after a Palestinian man rammed a car into a bus stop in an Israeli settlement in the eastern half of the contested capital, which Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war."

First, Qaraqa didn't ram his car into a bus stop. He rammed into a crowd of Jewish Israelis, a common tactic used by Palestinian terrorists trying to kill Israeli Jews.

Second, the neighborhood (Ramot) where Qaraqa murdered three Israelis is not a "settlement." It is an area within Jerusalem that is fully under Israeli control and is home to a thriving Jewish community, including synagogues, schools, high-end restaurants, and shopping centers.

Third, the AP refuses to say from whom Israel "captured" the area "in the 1967 Mideast war." It was Jordan, not any entity calling itself "Palestine." Israel "captured" Jerusalem, the Jewish people's eternal capital, from Arab occupiers: the Jordanians.

"His 6-year-old brother was killed in the car-ramming, along with a man in his 20s," continues the AP.

"Was killed"? Who killed this 6-year-old child, AP? Palestinian murderer Hussein Qaraqa. That's who...

In addition to AP's skewed coverage, a CNN headline said: "Two dead including child as car rams people at Jerusalem bus stop."

"This wasn't a self driving car @CNN," Israel's Foreign Ministry tweeted in response on Twitter. "The driver a Palestinian terrorist *intentionally* rammed into a bus stop packed with children and families traveling before Shabbat."

The AP and CNN are running the same foul plays from the same disgusting playbook that media outlets and self-proclaimed "progressives" consistently use in their relentless campaign to delegitimize Israel, the only democratic nation in the Mideast: using the passive voice to bury the message that Muslim Arabs intentionally target innocent Jews for murder, distorting historical truths, and falsely portraying current realities. Media coverage of Israel--and other topics, including Chinese repression--will continue to be biased and flawed until consumers of that media coverage demand better coverage and insist that media outlets stop propagating lies.

After Muslim Arab terrorist attacks against Jews, Muslim Arabs pour into the streets to celebrate throughout the Mideast. The Muslim Arabs often publicly state their belief that in the long run they will destroy Israel because "We love death more than you love life." Every time a media outlet downplays Muslim Arab violence and slanders Israel, that media outlet is encouraging the spread of hatred and of murderous violence. Even if you don't care at all about Jews or Israel, you should not be so naive to believe that Muslim Arab terrorism fully unleashed will limit itself to killing Jews; the terrorism that you see--or don't see, because media outlets minimize it or ignore it--in Israel today will be on our doorsteps tomorrow (and we have already seen more than a glimpse of this not only with the 9/11 attacks, but also with many other acts of Muslim Arab terrorism against the United States and against Americans around the world). Israel is the canary in the coal mine, the warning about a threat that endangers free societies around the world, because the adherents of the radical ideology that seeks to destroy Israel will not be satisfied until every non-Muslim converts to Islam or is killed.

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