Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Nothing New to See in Israel: Arab/Islamic Terrorists Kill Jews, World Remains Silent

Within the past seven days, Arab/Islamic terrorists have murdered 11 Israelis in separate attacks conducted throughout Israel, including a series of shootings just hours ago during which five Israelis were slain. This is probably news to you, because Arab/Islamic terrorists intentionally targeting Jews is not considered newsworthy by many news outlets, and because self-proclaimed "progressives"--including those who identify as Jews--do not want to call attention to antisemitism, because antisemitism does not fit in with the false narratives that self-proclaimed "progressives" promulgate against Israel.

Arab/Islamic terrorists have been targeting Jews not only in Israel but around the world for a long time, because virulent antisemitism is widely accepted and promoted throughout the Arab/Islamic world. The recent spike in violence in Israel can be attributed at least in part to Amnesty International's Disgraceful Anti-Israel Reportthe hijacking of apartheid as a weapon used to bludgeon Israel in the court of public opinion, the current U.S. administration's reluctance to confront Iran's sponsorship of terrorism and Iran's rapidly developing nuclear weapons program, and the growing mainstream acceptance of anti-Zionist and antisemitic propaganda. There will be no peace in Israel--and Jews will continue to be murdered--as long as Arabs and Muslims believe (1) that the world is on their side against Israel and (2) that Israel can be annihilated through violence without serious consequences. It would be helpful if the U.S. government stopped coddling the Palestinian Authority, whose "pay for slay" policies not only encourage Arabs to murder Jews but make it profitable to do so.

For those who insist that Israel is to blame, imagine a world without Israel. Would there be peace in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and in so many other Arab and/or Muslim countries that are wracked by civil wars and/or at war with each other? Would Israel's destruction lead to a blossoming of democracy, free speech, protection of religious and ethnic rights, and a higher standard of living in the Mideast? Anyone who believes that is ignorant of the region's history, and of human nature; the problems that afflict the Middle East are not caused by Israel's existence, nor would those problems be cured if Israel ceased to exist. 

The very fact that Jews can be killed with impunity even in the Jewish State amplifies why a Jewish State--with a military, a police force, and a court system--is necessary: for nearly 2000 years, Jews had no homeland of their own, no government, no military. Now, it is sadly still possible to kill Jews, but at least the Jewish people have at their disposal the means to protect themselves. It could be argued that the Israeli government could and should do even more to protect her citizens, but at least the Jewish State has the capability of self-defense. 

Self-proclaimed "progressives" deride the notion of evil in general, and they mock the notion that there is an "Axis of Evil"--but their denial that evil exists does not create a world without evil. Rather, such denials help evildoers get away with their evil acts, as we see not only regarding Arab/Islamic terrorism, but also in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and China's persecution of the Uyghurs.

Has anyone from the self-proclaimed, self-righteous "Squad" ever condemned a single Arab/Islamic terrorist attack? Has the "Squad" articulated a meaningful and sensible policy to deal with Russia or China? Or has the "Squad" focused on their own alleged victimhood at the expense of real victims who are being murdered around the world? Why would anyone listen to, support, or vote for individuals who exhibit such a narcissistic obsession with their own self-interest while attacking the basic foundations of our society and demonstrating depraved indifference to human suffering around the world?

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