Sunday, December 23, 2012

What is the Meaning of Derek Wernher's "Earth Maze"?

When I played in the Second Annual Michigan Chess Festival, I stayed at the MET Hotel in Troy. After the tournament, my friend Erika Klotz took a picture of me standing next to "Earth Maze," a Derek Wernher sculpture located in front of the MET Hotel. Underneath the sculpture is a plaque with an inscription describing what "Earth Maze" is about. I should have asked Erika to take a close-up picture of that plaque but I assumed that the words would be legible even in the background (in person the inscription is bold and easily read). Unfortunately, even with magnification it is not possible to read the inscription in the photo that Erika took. I remember that the gist of the message is that the sculpture represents the connection between each person and the larger world around him but I wonder if anyone has a copy of the exact text? Also, did Wernher write those words or did someone else interpret what his sculpture means?

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